What is the best PDF library for C#?

Do you want to gain access to and manipulate (edit, extract) PDF elements? This PDF library analyses the crucial components of the PDF and make it quickly readily available for you to manipulate.

It seems there is no easy answer to it due to the fact that one consumer wants a small library with a couple of functions, but another wants a more intricate option.

Đžbviously, that I like PDF. Why? Since this library has the best set of converters and tools for drawing out information from PDF.

I concur with the tips given in bring the information. With regards to pdf generation, you can also attempt ZetPDF – PDF library for.NET, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Mono, WPF, Silverlight which i am currently using too.

If your application is actually a personal computer use, Microsoft window application or even WPF, you can easily utilize an Excel file as a template, manage the material utilizing Microsoft Excel Points Library and at some point conserve the report as pdf. Without Excel, pdf public libraries like iText, Aspose, … can easily be actually made use of.

There are a lot of collections that assist get records from MySQL to C#, namely Dapper, NHibernate, Facility Construct, … If your database is somewhat basic and you simply require to look at some records without the expenses to specify up thing applying, you can easily make use of the integrated SqlConnection, SqlCommand as well as SqlDataReader training class.

It is truly easy to establish PDF performance using this SDK. (ZetPDF – PDF library for.NET, Windows Types, The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Website, Mono, WPF, Silverlight), will assist you with that. They’ve got a.net library for printing and rendering PDF files from any.NET application.

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