Simple text to HTML conversion

I am actually not searching for just about anything the planet crushing, yet all at once I don’t only desire to do one thing like, The above code doesn’t work straight, as in generating appropriate html, if there are greater than 2 line rests in a line. Possessing html like <br/></p><p> is bad; the <br/> could be cleared away.

If you can’t make use of HttpUtility somehow, after that you’ll have to carry out the HTML encoding a few other means, and there are actually bunches of small information to bother with (not merely <>&).

Relying on exactly what you are actually finishing with the content, my common referral is actually to ONLY utilize the <br /> phrase structure, and also not to try and deal with paragraphs.

Your other choice is actually to take the message container components as well as instead of trying for pipes a paragraph breathers only put the message in between PRE tags.

HtmlEncode just manages the unique characters for you, thus afterwards I convert any type of combo of carriage-return and/or line-feed to a BR tag, and any double-spaces to a single-space plus a NBSP.

I know this is actually an outdated post, but I’ve just recently remained in a comparable trouble utilizing C# along with MVC4, therefore assumed I ‘d share my solution.

I possess an extremely easy or net: textbox with the multiline attribute allowed. I at that point accept just content, without any markup, coming from the textbox. Is actually there an usual procedure by which line breathers and yields may be transformed to <p> and <br/> tags?

Our company had actually an explanation spared in a data bank. The text message was a straight copy/paste coming from a site, as well as our company would like to convert it in to semantic HTML, making use of <p> tags. Listed here is a simplified version of our service:

In our instance, to draw up a variable, our team required to prefix @ just before any type of changeable or identifiers, because of the Razor blade syntax in the ASP.NET MVC framework. I have actually shown this with a Console.Write, but you must be capable to figure out exactly how to apply this in your details job located on this

I have e-mail addresses encoded along with HTML personality bodies. Exists anything in.NET that can convert all of them to ordinary cords?

If you are using.NET 4.0+ you can easily also make use of WebUtility.HtmlDecode which does not require an additional assembly referral as it is actually readily available in the System.Net namespace.

For a non-ASP. WEB request, you need to include a referral to System.Web.dll. Right-click your job in Solution Traveler, pick “Add Recommendation”, at that point explore the list for System.Web.dll.

Compose stationary an approach into some electrical class, which allow string as criterion and also come back the deciphered html string.

Make use of Server.HtmlDecode to decode the HTML entities. If you desire to get away from the HTML, i.e. display the < as well as > character to the consumer, use Server.HtmlEncode.

It’s meant to be in System.Web, yet it isn’t. I haven’t handled C# for much more that a year, if I obtain a little bit extra irritated along with this I’ll convert all of them manually.

Right now that the referral is incorporated, you must have the capacity to access the procedure making use of the fully-qualified label System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlDecode or place an utilizing statement for System.Web to produce factors simpler.

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