Microsoft Word Add-in Parse mktcmpid Not Working

From here, you ought to be actually capable to click incorporate and obtain the document with the put in circulation. When you’ve carried out that the API telephone call to acquire the initiative I.D. from the document ought to return the value.

I have a complication discovering a method to acquire the e-mail of a consumer that is logged into Office 365 and also opens up MS Word with it. Any type of assistance rates, I’m utilizing VS2017 and C#.

The problem with trouble and other and also various other options to word documents info is details to relevant of some docs.

Primarily the area under the “Monitor your campaign performance as well as individualize your add-in for target market” header, specifies exactly how a designer needs to be capable to access a mktcmpid coming from the Setups protest by means of Office.js.

If it is impossible, can we avoid using coming from MS 2013? I observe this add-in simply available for MS Word 2016 and Word online just. How can our team config it?

The documentation right here: suggests that getOoxml() will definitely get you the physical body of the document. There is actually likewise the building text message which will return you the clear text material.

I need to acquire pages count from word documents. I have actually taken care of to perform it however it appears I can’t use it on web server due to licensing troubles …

If I try to include a mktcmpid guideline to the Office Retail Store LINK for my add-in, and after that attempt to analyze this worth coming from within the add-in’s code like under, I always obtain void for a market value.

I have actually developed an add-in for Word and have actually followed the instructions on this page to track the efficiency of my advertising projects that steer individuals to my add-in on the Office Establishment.

I have a problem with MS Office 2016 where it will certainly often alter the foreign language that is participated in a document coming from English to Greek to French as well as I can not acquire it to get back to English. I initially had this concern with MS Office 2010 … and also I discovered that a Computer keyboard faster way may be utilized to alternate the language that is actually gotten in to a document. Sadly … I do certainly not keep in mind that faster way and also have actually made an effort some of the a lot more uncommon combos as I appear to keep in mind it had not been a commonly-used faster way.

Is actually there any sort of method to really count web pages (not merely get details coming from conclusion) without setting up Microsoft Office on server?

I have a MS Word Include in and it is actually denied through MS when I accept Office store since it is certainly not appropriate along with MS Word 2013 as well as MS Word 2016. I merely yearn for to utilize my incorporate in MS Word on the internet setting, how can I config my add on show documents to prevent utilizing coming from MS Word?

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