Extracting text from PDFs in C#

There may be some difficulty in performing this dependably. The trouble is actually that PDF is a presentation layout which connects relevance to great typography. Assume you merely preferred to output a single word

I have actually found some fairly doubtful entirely free of cost C# collections that kind of job (the absolute best one uses iTextSharp), nevertheless there are actually umpteen formatting oversights as well as some characters are rushed and also alot of the opportunity there are actually areas (‘ ‘) ALL AROUND – inside phrases, between every character, huge blocks of them consuming various collections, all of it appears a little bit arbitrary.

Is there any kind of simple method of performing this that I’m totally overlooking (instead probably!) or even is it a bit a hard duty that includes improving the removed byte market values into characters dependably?

Pretty simply, I need to tear text message away from several PDFs (rather a lot actually) in purchase to analyze the contents prior to catching it in an SQL data bank.

This would be done because the default kerning (inter-letter spacing) in between the letters T and a may not be acceptable to the rendering engine, or it may be including or eliminating some micro area in between characters to get a completely justified line. Exactly what this lastly results in is that the real text fragments found in PDF areĀ  full words using c# library http://www.iditect.com/tutorial/pdf-to-text/

This is a wrapper around the incredibly good Tika java library, utilizing IKVM. Extremely easy to use and handles a wide array of file types besides PDF, including old and brand-new office formats. It will auto-select the parser based on the file extension, so it’s as simple as: The library utilizes some heuristics to extract nice looking text without undesirable spaces in between letters in words.

If you’re looking for “free” alternative, have a look at PDF Clown. I personally have actually utilized iFilter based technique, and it seems to work great in case you would have to support other file types easily. Test code here.

I wish to read tables inside a pdf file, I have a pdf file with a table inside, which SDK is used in C# to recognize tables inside pdfs and some system to read cell by cell?

Can any one please suggest, if you understand any dlls which recognize tables inside pdfs.

There’s no “table” principle in PDF file format, as its vectorial grammar is made just of easy primitives handling courses (i.e. lines, curves, font describes …) and tested material (i.e. bitmap images).

A great heuristic algorithm could identify the weak existence of a so-called “table” representation (i.e., tipically, crossing lines intermingled with contents).

PDF files are stream of graphics object (for instance lines) and text. Due to the fact that of lines and text between them, when the PDF is rendered the human eye understand that there are tables.

Beginning with a PDF reader (iTextSharp) you have to:
1. check out the lines (ideally only vertical and horizontal lines);.
2. join the lines (a line of a table might be a number of lines, for example one per cell);.
3. comprehend where the tables are (sometimes making some hypothesis based upon your needs);.
4. optionally discover the text outside the tables (much better to keep all the text) and insert it in paragraphs;.
5. Place text inside the cells of the table.

I required the same thing for a task. My process is a little bit of overhead however it works fairly well. When I have it polished up a little better I will publish it. Heres the fundamental circulation:.

use libpdf to transform pdf to json.
import json file to obtain text strings with their collaborates.
usage ghostscript to transform pdf to image.
use Aforge blobcounter to obtain table cells.
group cells into tables.
usage cell location and size to identify which text strings it contains.

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